My Top 10 PR Bloggers

My top ten favourite PR bloggers in no particular order:

Peter Shankman’s website is well presented and easy to access as it is set out clearly for browsing, with the years and months on the side. From his most recent posts this blog should be targeted towards entry-level PR practitioners as his blog posts concerns several pieces of advice with headlines like ‘How to make the perfect e-mail’ and ‘Six ways you’re networking wrong’. Some articles can be directed at those who have been in the industry for a couple years but are looking to improve their skillset.

Neville’s easy to use blog covers digital communications and public relations which he describes as ‘perspectives at the intersection of business, communication and technology’. He analyses trends, behaviours and practices in digital communication. Neville received accolades for his blog in 2015 and 2014 for the ‘Top UK blog’. Neville’s blog is useful for people interested in PR and other topics because the topics range from what he thinks a ‘smart future will look like’ to current affairs with Theresa May unveiling UK surveillance measures.

Mark Borkowski’s blog, ‘Mark My Words’, highlights his views on a variety of topics that I think everyone will enjoy. He frequently posts about PR stunts, health issues, current affairs, entertainment and much more. In his most recent post ‘Dreaming of Christmas 2016’, I particularly like how Mark links in current affairs and history. He links in media platforms like Twitter and the BBC in his articles and gives his own opinion. In regards to who would read this blog, there isn’t a particular person I think should read it because it has a wide variety of topics everyone will enjoy.

Paul Stallard’s PR blog first started in April 2008 and has an extensive blogroll on PR and digital communications to technology PR. His blog can be targeted to entry level PR practitioners or anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of PR. His posts, ‘How to write a sweet PR pitch’ and ‘Does storytelling work’ can really help PR practitioners who are just starting out. He blogs about other topics like ‘Metathesiophobia – the fear of change’ and ‘Make mistakes and be brave’ and still links to PR.

Stephen Waddington is a partner and chief engagement officer for Ketchum. He first started his blog in September 2012. He brings in all the latest in PR, the media and social media. It is organised well with a side bar of ‘popular’, ‘latest’ and ‘tags’ which makes it very user-friendly. This blog would be well targeted to experienced PR practitioners who are looking for more knowledge on the digital or social media.

Brad Phillips blog, ‘Mr. Media Training’ focuses on presentation and interviewing techniques especially between interactions of executives with the media. He uses actual news events to illustrate both good and bad examples of executive interviews. Brad’s blog can be beneficial for CEOs who are looking for media training and for PR practitioners who are looking for examples on how to train their client. With media growing consistently, I believe this blog is useful for many PR practitioners to keep up-to-date on how to deal with the media.

Sarah Stimson’s blog is fantastic for young people aspiring to be part of the PR industry. Sarah’s articles such as ‘What makes a good PR internship?’, ‘What graduates don’t know about PR careers’ and ‘10 traits of successful junior PRs’ are very valuable for those who want a career in PR. Her articles are presented clearly with clear headlines and sub-headings which makes it easy to follow. She also provides CV and interview advice which aids entry-level PR practitioners and job seekers equally.

Rachel Miller’s blog is well set out and frequently updated. Her blog focuses on internal communications, social media and ‘all things internal comms’ which will be useful for those who want to understand internal communications. She posts ‘What’s on this week: A guide for comms pros’ weekly highlighting what events communications pros should attend for the next 10 days which is beneficial for experienced PR practitioners. Rachel also caters to entry-level practitioners with advice on how to get a job within internal communications. In addition, she details how to do internal communications better with a list of hyper-links and examples.

Danny Brown is the co-founder of the SRM group and focuses on the use of social media, PR and marketing. His blog should be read by aspiring PR practitioners who want to make the best use of their social media and other experienced PR people. This is because his posts ‘Writing vs Blogging – Is There a Difference?’ could be read by ambitious PR practitioners who want to make themselves known through blogging  or experienced PR people trying to change the way they write. He also posts on his social media story and some motivational articles. He organises it into different categories which makes it easier to use like PR, Interviews, Mantras, Marketing, Social Media and Social Media Stories.

Livi Wilkes’ blog highlights tips and ‘how to’s for PR students at university. She won Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2015 and her work is now in print. I like her tone and style of her blog as it is quite fun to read and simply organised. She references other bloggers like Stephen Waddington which shows her research and good exposure for PR students at university.


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